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New Member Tech Training Information

New to the organization? Here’s everything you need to know to complete the required technology training classes.

Step 1: Ask Yourself a Question: Have you taken an MCFRS Tech Training class since 2002?

If you have, you probably already have a website account (even if you don’t know about it). Contact Jeff Feiertag ( / 240.777.2460) for the username and password. Please do not attempt to create another account; skip to step 3 below.

Step 2: Create a Tech Training Website Account.

  • Click the Yellow Quick Registration box.
  • Fill in the required fields and click the Create User box.
  • Wait for the system to tell you that the account has been accepted and click the Continue button.
  • Fill in the new fields that appear and click the OK button.

Step 3: See What’s Available on the Website for You.

Click the red Students box and look around. This is your menu, so use whatever you would like.

Step 4: Read Course Descriptions for 800 MHz Radio, ePCR Intro, FireApp and MDC Intro.

These courses (or the e-course alternatives) are required. Determine if you prefer to take classes on-line by yourself or in a classroom with an instructor and other students. There is currently no e-course for 800 Intro or FireApp, but you will find on-line courses for ePCR and MDC.

Step 5: Select Your Learning Path (Instructor-Led Courses vs. On-Line E-Courses)

Instructor-Led Classes: Proceed to Step 6a.
E-Courses: Proceed to Step 6b.

Step 6: Register for 800 MHz Radio (Whenever You Are Ready).

  • Click the Yellow Quick Registration box on the Tech Training Website after you have logged onto the website.
  • Find 800 MHz Radio (Intro) and register for the date/time of your choice. Note: 800 Intro is covered in the county-wide VBOC program and Battalion 1 VBOC program, as well as new member training programs for KVFD and RVFD. You do not need to register for these if you are enrolled in one of those programs.
  • Go to the training lab for your registered session and pass the assessment test given at the end of the course. (Note: No-Shows occur from time to time and so waitlisted students are advised to come to their classes with the hopes of taking advantage of open seats.)
  • This course is open to all members with no prerequisites.

Step 7: Learn about MCFRS and Continue through Your Non-Tech Classes. 

Continue to the point where you have registered for EMT-B and/or Essentials and then consider the MDC and Firehouse courses. You will not need to know these programs until you are ready for those PSTA courses.
Instructor-Led Classes: Proceed to Step 8a.
E-Courses: Proceed to Step 8b.

Step 8a: Register for ePCR Intro, FireApp Incident and MDC Intro Classes.

Register for your classes, then go to the training lab on the appropriate dates/times and pass the assessment tests. Do not register for the Assessment Only course sessions; those are for students who have opted to take the e-learning route.

Step 8b: Take the E-Courses and Register for the Assessment Tests.

Take the courses via the website and remember to register for your assessment tests. Remember to come to the trianing lab to take the tests. 

Step 9: Inform Your Training Coordinator that You Have Passed the Class(es).

(S)he will verify your dates of completion on the Tech Training Website. You will be granted Firehouse software login rights when you have been promoted to FF-1 or EMS-1. You will be granted ePCR software login rights when you have been promoted to EMS-1.